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By BestElectricNJ, May 12 2015 03:28PM

Its that time of year. Whether you have been wanting to get an Attic Fan installed or you have been wanting to get the one you have currently fixed or replaced. Now is the time!!

To be able to take advantage of the benefits of what an Attic Fan can provide for the maximum amount of time this year, give us a call and schedule now!

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A cooler attic may be more comfortable, but the benefits go much deeper than comfort.

It’s easy to understand why you ventilate an attic during the summer–lower the temperature right? But when you start to dig deeper you find that when properly installed, an attic ventilator can extend the life of your attic and roof structure–potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road! To effectively lower the temperature in your attic you need to circulate air through it. Soffit and gable vents provide a way for this cooler air from outside the house to enter into the attic and through normal air circulation and the natural convection process, move hot air out. But passive ventilation alone may not be enough, to reduce the attic temperature to a level where you begin to see benefits you need the help of powered attic ventilation. As the cool air enters at the lower part of the roof through the soffit vents or through the gable vents, the powered fan will pull that air up through the attic. As the air circulates it picks up the heat and the fan pushes it outside. During winter months, properly ventilated attics prevent the build-up up of damage-causing ice dams and lessens the potential for condensation that can lead to wood rot and wet, ineffective insulation. Of all the reasons to ventilate an attic, however, the most important is to preserve the structural integrity of the roof. At all times during the year, heat and moisture accumulate in every attic, and when left uncontrolled, excessive heat and moisture often result in significant damage to the roof and structure–reducing their normal life expectancy. Proper ventilation validates the shingle manufacturer's warranty, and protects the roof and ceilings from both heat and moisture. The result: Long life, beauty, and optimum performance from roofing and housing structure.

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